Photography Rates

I am a natural light photographer who can provide you
with artsy photoshoots, headshots, gig photography, and event photography.

I have two facets of my service:

Express Option: $100 (+ possible transportation cost)

🎉You will receive all non-edited photos in a Google Drive folder. 🎉

😎I typically take a few hundred (depending on the type of shoot).😎

⌛This covers up to 2 hours of combined shooting and transportation. time. For every hour after that, please add $10 per each hour. ⌛


🚗If the shooting location is reasonably far away, please add whatever amount of money to pay for travel expense to get to and from the location (cost of T, bus, and/or Uber ride). 🚗

✨Unless there is some extraneous circumstance (such as an intention for the pictures to serve as an announcement), I ask that I be able to post some pictures from the shoot for my online portfolio.✨

💝I don't watermark my photos so your own persona can shine through the images,
so I would be extremely grateful and appreciative if you tag me in the photos you may happen to post on social media. Word of mouth helps business out tremendously! Thank you!💝

Basic Option: $125 (+ possible transportation cost)

Everything from above, but also adding:

🔍The extra cost is for me to go through all the photos and give you the non-edited "good ones" (no blurry shots, close doubles, et cetera). This way, you won't have hundreds upon hundreds of photos to look through yourself.🔍

🧐I usually select an average of around 100 to 300 "good" ones
*depending on the shoot.🧐

✨ Spread good vibes ✨